The State Bar of California's Admission Certificate Order Form

An important message from the State Bar of California:

The custom certificate takes approximately 3-6 weeks to deliver, and the standard certificate takes approximately 8-10 weeks to deliver.


Last updated: 3/24/2014 11:41:00 AM PST

Two weeks after being sworn in and submitting your admissions materials, you may complete and submit this form to order your Admission Certificate. If you were admitted more than 12 months ago or you are requesting a replacement certificate, contact the Office of Admissions' San Francisco office for instructions regarding ordering your certificate.

The custom certificate is 11" X 14" on cream parchment and includes the embossed gold Supreme Court seal. Your name and date of admission are lithographically impressed to match the certificate text.

The standard certificate produced by the Supreme Court is available at no cost.

The name under which you are admitted is the name that will appear on the admission certificate. If your name has changed and you want your new name to appear on your certificate, you must submit a Name Change Form and have your name officially changed on the State Bar's records prior to ordering your certificate. This form is available at Enter "name change" in the search box and follow the links.

Your Admission Certificate will be mailed to your address of record. Information for updating your State Bar address of record is found at Enter "address change" in the search box and follow the links. If you want your certificate sent to a new address, you will need to wait until your address change has been processed prior to ordering your certificate.

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